Friday, April 26, 2013

Turkey Wrapped Up but Not Tied

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Nothing ties these photos together except their location--Turkey-- and the fact that we thought they are interesting. I'm not going to comment much because I'm two countries behind!

Galata Bridge, Istanbul

 BIG advertising!

Gigantic potatoes baking

Turkish T.V. series--drama

Statue in the city of Van--Van cats with one blue eye and one amber eye
 The Oct 2011 earthquake (magnitude 7.2)  centered near Van, Turkey killed over 600 people and caused  widespread destruction.

Some people are still living in temporary housing.

Beautiful mountains in eastern Turkey

Eastern-style toilets are preferred by many Turkish people. 

Here you see the essentials--ridged sides of the porcelain to place your feet (hole to the rear). no toilet paper in the holder (bring your own), green pail and water source for flushing (do-it-yourself if no flushing device) and waste-paper container for all toilet paper, etc. The toilet brush is optional, I guess.

Many americans will not use eastern toilets if there is a choice. I liked them, but if you have knee or hip problems... no way!

Solar hot-water heaters are very common.

Anatolian shepherd dogs are independent and forceful, with acute eyesight and hearing.

Rural houses

Electricity and a satellite dish says, "occupied".
Signs for toilets are pretty standard worldwide--silhouette of a man/ silhouette of a woman with dress. Creative ones abound, too--I photographed some unusual ones.
conservative muslim community has head covering for WC

Bayan is Turkish for :woman"

Tulips originated in Turkey, not Holland. 

Our guide told a story of a Turkish friend who wanted to plant tulips, so she ordered "tulip bulbs from Holland" from a catalogue only to find that when the order arrived the package of bulbs stated in small print, "grown in Turkey"!.

Istanbul was celebrating it's 8th Annual tulip Festival when we we in town. They were beautiful and enjoyed by all!

The tulip is seen on turkish scares, fabrics, tiles, etc.

Advertisement for Vodofone--the father and son (not shown) are using their  mobile devises, the mother is  in CURLERS and reading a magazine!

Turkish amulets that protects against the "Evil Eye" are found everywhere, in all sizes and places. Many businesses have them displayed on a wall, etc.

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