Friday, June 7, 2013

A Half Hour Alongside a Bicycle Path

On our last day in Stockholm I realized that I hadn't documented one of the most important aspects of Swedish metropolitan life - bicycles and bike paths. There is a network of broad, well-defined bicycles paths parallel to, but separate from, the automobile lanes throughout the city.

 We were waiting for our boat trip to start out to the Stockholm Archipelago when I decided to take a few pictures to show who was riding on one of the bike paths. All of these photos were shot during a period of about a half hour on a single path. I only regret that I had missed commuting time, when men in suits and women in dressy clothes with high heels would have been riding to work.

I took the first group of these pictures from my seat at a waterfront cafe while waiting to board the boat.


I shot this one while walking to board the boat.

The rest were taken from the boat while waiting for it to depart.

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