Monday, June 10, 2013

Reykjavik wandering

June 9, 2013 Reykjavik, Iceland. First day of our OAT (Overseas Adventure Tour) Tour. We walk around Reykjavik; afterwards I wander around the botanical gardens. Moe photographs in a nearby park.


Untouched photos


Reykjavik Botanic Garden

 Sod and stone hut with wood roof support

 Aster family, Doronicum orientale found in Europe, Asia

Woven basket sitting on stump of tree

Galium odoratum, found in Europe & North Africa

 Trillium grandiflorum, found in North America

Aquilegia flabellata, found in Japan. Family Ranunculaceae

Anemone nemorosa

Tulips! I was pleased to see tulips as we have been following spring around the world

City Hall

In downtown Reykjavik we visited the city hall. They had a beautifully made relief map of Iceland

Reykjavik is on the northern "blip"

City Hall has a pond in front and the ocean harbor out back

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