Monday, March 4, 2013

A Walk Through Bangkok's Chinatown Shopping District

We took the Chao Praya Express River Taxi Boat to Chinatown.  Once we were on shore we asked directions for the nearest toilet facility.  A shopkeeper sent us up a long, narrow alleyway to a traditional pay the attendant toilet.  We were surprised to find an attractive second story shrine hidden away there.

We learned that this structure outside the shrine was a traditional crematorium associated withe the shrine.

We then found a network of seemingly endless  connected pathway lined with vendors.

Later, we found even more vendors along the streets.

Just before returning to the River Taxi, we came across this small street corner shrine.

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  1. Go to the Bamboo Bar in the Oriental Hotel and have a drink for us. You can take their ferry across the river to the cooking school and have a wonderful multicourse meal with ice sculpture, great service, etc.
    I'm sure you have to the huge sleeping golden Buddha.