Saturday, March 2, 2013

When in Tokyo, Eat at Andy's!

Andy's Shinhinomoto

How good is Andy's Shinhiomoto? We ate there three nights out of three nights spent in Tokyo. Andy pays special attention to the fish bought each day, getting only the best. The restaurant is always full and you need a reservation. 
We had fried and sautéed oysters, king crab & black cod. Also fried chicken (yum) and STUFFED chicken wings (quite a feat), local liquor and pints of Kirin beer. Delicious! Kudos Peter and Monica; we are in your debt!

Andy was born in Britain; he has lived in Tokyo 26 years. The restaurant has been in his wife's family for 68 years

Commuter and bullet trains run on tracks above Andy's roof

Andy, an ex-rugby player,  is a expert snowboarder and loves riding the challenging out-of-bounds places. He uses Gentem bamboo boards now. They are "pricey, wonderful, and made only in Japan"

 This is his swallowtail-type wooden snowboard from 10 years ago; made by Original Sin. Yes, there is snow in Japan and yes, there is good skiing and boarding!


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