Friday, March 15, 2013

Do you dance Gangnam Style?

Gangnam Style is a pop single by the south Korean musicain PSY. Five months after its release it became the first YouTube video to reach a billion views. As of four days ago, Gangnam Style had ben watched over 1.4 billion times surpassing Justin Bieber's single Baby. It has a catchy beat and amusing dance moves.

On New Years Eve 2012, more than one million people witnessed a live "Gangnam Style" performance in in Times Square, featuring PSY and rapper MC Hammer.

Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine") dances Gangnam Style. Even my two-year old cousin dances Gangnam Style.

 Watch it, if you dare! You'll be dancing along!

As we lazed around
Chao Anouvong Park on our first afternoon in Vientiane, Laos, I saw something that might surpass Gangnam style dancing--LAO LINE DANCING
I wanted to join in but would have had to leap over a keep-out rope...

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