Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Blue Elephant and Thai Cuisine

Thai food is fresh, fragrant and filled with flavors!

Here's how we prepared Thai food:

  • We took a taxi to market Bangrak Bazaar market.

  • It helps to bring along a professional chef to pick ingredients. This is purple mangosteen. (The fruit, not the chef)

  •  The perfect pick-me up while searching for unknown spices is an iced Thai coffee sweetened with condensed milk and  served in a plastic bag with straw.

This is Thai Iced Tea (coffee is much darker...)
  • You need onions, shallots, peanuts, palm sugar, etc

  • Also bean curd and vegetables
  • Meat is good

  • When we went to the Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant housed in an old mansion in downtown Bangkok
  • A cute chef cooked culinary concoctions right-side up and up-side down while we followed along with the recipe.

  • Next, we tried to replicate the same dish in the student kitchen. I found the best method involved watched the girl next to me and adding whatever she did. I burned the oil in my wok and smoked up the kitchen. OOPS! Moe did fine, as we all know he is a wonderful chef!
  • In the end Moe and I were deemed worthy and given aprons and certificates.

  •  Our real prize: a four-course luncheon with the class eating the food we cooked!

This was a fun experience and we hope to try our new cooking skills on you'll soon!

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