Saturday, March 2, 2013

What we found in Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market

Two days ago, we went to Tokyo's famous Tsukiji Fish Market.  (I am a day late with this blog because I spent 3-4 hours last night looking up all of our bills on the internet and paying them. Ugh!)
We were first greeted with these two warnings in both English and Japanese.

We were constantly ducking these carts hauling boxes of fish around at remarkably high speed.

We found fish . . .

and more fish . . .

and parts of fish, some too gross to show here.

We also found seaweed . .

and clams with amazingly long siphons. . .
In the United States, we would call these clams geoducks (pronounced "gooey ducks").

and octopuses in tanks . . .

in ice . . .

and wrapped in cellophane.

It was a truly amazing experience!


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