Saturday, March 23, 2013

Four Hours on the Mekong River from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh

This posting is a few days late; on March 19th we went by speedboat from Chah Doc Vietnam, to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We have had so much good photography and shot so many images that I am just now going through the hundreds I took on the river.

Irene has already created a posting "Boat People," which covers some of the river trip as well.

Part I - Chau Doc to the Cambodian Border

The first few photos show the incredible mix of lifestyles and water transportation in and near the city.


On the River near Chau Doc, there is a floating market.  Market boats sell mostly fresh foods to local residents who come alongside, usually in smaller boats.

This pregnant lady is breaking off a large bunch of bananas for sale to our boat.  She threw the bananas  over the small boat in the foreground, and we passed money back for payment.

The eyes have it!
Eyes are often painted on the prow of Mekong River boats 
according to a belief that they will ward off alligators and crocodiles. 

A variety of housing along the river.

We visited a floating fish farm.

If you look under the "flooring" of this building,
you will see some blue material, which is part of the fish enclosure under the house in the river.

Looking from above into the fish enclosure you can see the frenzy
 which occurs three times a day, when they are fed.

A few more fish farms

Rural ferry boats are common on the river.

A floating gas station

Logs are often transported to sawmills along the river,
where they are "dried" for a period of time and then milled for lumber.

Rice is transported by boat on the river.

Loading and unloading is not always automated.

The rice may be in sacks or bulk . . . or both.

Fishing . . .

and drying nets

Laundry time on the river.

Village housing near the border

An individual house near the border

The international border between Vietnam and Cambodia

Part 2 - Cambodian Border to Siem Riep

The Entrance to the Border Station

Greeted by Buddha.

 Cambodian Immigration Service

Village housing on the other side of the border

 Children in the river

Woman and beasts in the river

Man and beasts in the river 

Beast onto boat

More riverside village life

A bridge across the Mekong - We must be approaching Siem Riep.

It's beginning to look commercial.

Big hotel construction - they must be expecting more tourists.
If any more tourists come, they will need to build an addition to Angkor Wat

Siem Reap at last


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  2. This segment of Moe and Irene's Round the World Voyage is quickly coming to an end.
    I say thanks for this Bolg. Not only are they expert photographers, videographers and commentators, they are fun traveling companions. My memories are enhanced, embellished and preserved. Thanks again, Norm Massicotte, fellow traveler.