Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Tiers of Heaven

Kuang Si Falls

Near Luang Prabang, Laos

Travertine falls have  concentric terraces, formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate.  The calcium carbonate deposits give the water a rich blue-green milky hue. Havasu Falls in Arizona are very similar.

I took the plunge and it was a joy. The water was cold for 30 secs. then wonderful! Some areas were too deep for standing; other areas were not.

People from around the world were there--swimming, sight seeing, and photographing. Some areas prohibited swimming, so there are views without people.

Those red-headed ladies!

The area also houses a bear santuary, the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Center. It's mission is to free bears world-wide. Commercial farming of Asiatic black bears began in Korea during the 1980’s so that bile could be obtained from them repeatedly throughout their lives. Bile and gall bladders have been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, thus the demand.

The real bears were napping when we visited so I tried to get a photo with the fake bears.They threw me out because I wasn't dressed in black and white! Rough crowd! 

The Asiatic Black bear is on the left and the American Black bear is on the right. 

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