Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's cool---it's hot

Our first day in Bangkok was uncharacteristically cool. Yippee! We can ease into the hot, humid climate! My cousin who is living in Bangkok showed us how to buy tickets to ride the Sky Train and use the water ferry on the Chao Phraya River. Easy! The parts of Bangkok we have been in are signed in English.

I discovered the beauty of the river ferries--They're cooler! Breezes along the river! Locals and tourists alike travel up and down the river in boats small and large.

Flowers for the spirits that bless the boat (according to my second cousin, who says he's not sure!)

Our destination: Chinatown

We stumbled on a hidden temple complete with house shrine, crematorium and a courtyard used as a motorcycle parking lot. (See Moe's blog about this spot)

We are staying at the home of my second cousin and his wife. He took us to the roof for a panorama of Bangkok.

The Bangkok airport, Suvarnabhumi, is modern and beautiful.


  1. Watch out for the rooster tails of water behind the long boats on the Chao Praya. You probably don't want to get involved with the water!

  2. Just getting caught up on the blog. Sounds and looks (photos are great)like you are enjoying the adventure! Sue will have her shoulder surgery tomorrow at 9 AM. Shannon is in town until Saturday so she can help mom out the first few days after surgery.